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. miss feinstein has been a traditional defender of the nsa. but she says she did not know of the monitoring of miss merkle neither did susan collins, a 17 year veteran of the u.s. senate. >> absolutely no justification for our country should be collecting intelligence information on the leaders of some of our closest allies. >> the reports of nsa spying, by the way, all flow from the studious work by former nsa contractor, edward snowden. >> the national security agency took the unusual step thursday of denying a report that'ves drop on the vatican phone calls and may have tapped in on pope francis before he was elected. what are you making up? is this a church, state issue? >> you got in on the consistent, the ones that depict the new pope, john? >> who knows. saved a lot of money. those guys have not done anything that was not known to the national security council and the white house and the idea of blaming these guys who are doing the job they were signed to do and oh my goodness, for miss feinstein, that there's a touch of hypocrisy here. >> there's a lot of out
more fallout from nsa spy programs, and director ron howard brings us a new movie. >> even though i am not a sports fan i tundra ma of it and more than anything, for me, directorial, cinematically challenging, new territory, not just as an can exercise but carry the psychology of those characters on to the track. >> rose: we have those stories and more on what happened and what might happen. >> funding for charlie rose was provided bit following. >> -- by the following. >> and by bloomberg, a provider of multimedia news and information services worldwide.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2